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Quote: Originally Posted by cssorkinman View Post
At that point in time playing BF1 , I had to clock my FX 8 core down to around 2.5 ghz to match the lows in FPS the 4790k without HT @ 4.4 ghz would get in the same 64 player server.

BF1 seems to have been dumbed down since then, but early on, it was very core friendly.
Yeah I guess they had to make tweaks because of i3-8350k (sole gaming chip).. just a guess, no facts.

Quote: Originally Posted by wingman99 View Post
If you get a GTX 1080 or better with a Intel 4c/4t games will run the speed of GTX 1070 RX vega 56 GTX smooth as butter. I had a Intel 4c/4t with a GTX 1070 and played BF1 and all my games as fast and smooth as the GTX 1070 could handle. I would purchase the GTX 1060 6GB it's a little faster than the RX580 8GB. LINK: https://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/2299?vs=2301
Yup, I have awesome deal for Zotac GTX1060 6GB (160 euro) or RX580 8GB (140-160 euro)... I'm fan of Nvidia, but those extra 2GB in RX are tempting. Also, yeah, I know it's a bit slower, but I looked at
, where in some cases Nvidia beats BY FAR margin, and in others RX beats by LOW margin... Also keep in mind that this video is 2 years old, since then, then optimized drivers very well

Another VERY important thing is that RX580 keeps it's memory clock at FULL SPEED, ALL TIME (dual monitor, different resolution setup) and my GTX950, lowers down the clock with exact same setup... I don't know about GTX 1060. Reason I'm saying this is, because I tested Gigabyte RX580 Aorus 4GB, and it idle'd at 50c ONLY because of memory clock was maxed. If I disabled other monitor, memory clock would fall down, and temperature would idle ~25c, BUT, with dual monitor setup, it idles at 50c, in heavy gaming, it jumps just another 10c (total of ~60c). But since then I got this MB and CPU, which has iGPU, so I belive I can setup iGPU to do my work for other monitor and keep RX580 memory clock down (and cool).

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