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Intel's F-series processors represent a new tactic for the company as it struggles with an ongoing shortage of 14nm production capacity. These new models lack integrated graphics. And while we're told they are in high demand at silicon-starved OEMs, they'll soon be available at retail, too, though Intel hasn't given a firm date. Unfortunately, the only benefit these defeatured processors offer over the fully-fledged models appears to be availability. Yet, F-series processors are listed for preorder at a premium price. At least for now. Clearly, the lack of value is a big problem for Intel.
14nm++, +?... seems like a drastic scramble to scrape what revenue they can from the socket while its still viable. total shame that they ran the tick/tock method for so long only to abandon it at the point of opposition. the possibilities could be limitless for new rigs, without them abandoning the performance crown, but they camped a concept and refused to advance until forced to. shame on you intel.

personally i miss having integrated graphics, i wish AMD would consider it outside their APUs. nice thing to have when something bricks, or you sell and buy but have unexpected shipment issues. i can easily play Binding of Isaac on integrated graphics.

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