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Quote: Originally Posted by nonametoclaim View Post
this!? cant think of what to search for a link but doesn't AMD have their own open source rt software that is simply underutilized? i know ive seen AMD GPUs and ray tracing before.

as far as the demo... im really not a fan of all the bloom and ambient occlusion, to me it just makes everything seem like it has its own light source and takes away from the true beauty of an engine. i almost always turn them off. certain titles in vorpx makes a difference sure but usually its off.

as per a performance hit, i mean with dedicated cores isnt there going to be something missing frame wise when you dont have them? or am i just out of my element here? can they not be replaced by compute power?

final note, truly happy to see cryengine implementing(or trying to, at least) rt. its a shame to see something requiring a brand(physx cough).
PhysX is now open source -- including vendor-neutral GPU accelerated physX libraries.
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