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Quote: Originally Posted by Majin SSJ Eric View Post
Crytek, this is really cool and all but the next time I hear anything from you it better be an announcement for Crysis 4!!!!
Didn't they close the studio that made crysis?
If I'm not mistaken the developers from crysis moved to make homefront, but that studio was sold when crytek UK got sold off.
So I wouldn't hold my breath about it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Gunderman456 View Post
when a top tear gaming mobo was ~$250 now they are at $500-$600+.
Top tier motherboards were not 250$ for at least the last decade. No idea where you brought that from.

Quote: Originally Posted by Gunderman456 View Post
Nvidia hijacked the name and open concept
Ray tracing existed way before you even heard the term GPU.
Nvidia though didn't "hijack" anything. They were marking their GPUs with a new capability to sell GPUs. Just like the VR era, or when AMD used mantle to sell their GPUs, or Vulkan to sell their GPUs, or tressfx to sell their GPUs. Etc.

Quote: Originally Posted by UltraMega View Post
Well this just make Nvidia look extra silly. Branding ray tracing as an Nvidia only feature was a mistake for Nvidia that will bite them later on... since its... ya know... not.
Where did nvidia ever branded ray tracing as nvidia only?

Quote: Originally Posted by Gunderman456 View Post
But I neeeds those tensor coresssss.........
There is no information about the resolution and FPS done in this demo.
I would like to see it in a dynamic environment of a game to see if it actually has the same FPS drop like nvidia, or it does better.

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