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Quote: Originally Posted by CoolZone View Post
Using this board for quite some time now, with a Ryzen 7 2700X; pretty happy with it, except the memory compatibility issues. I do have currently installed a Trident Z RGB 32GB 3200 (4x8GB kit) on it and I could only get full stability while running at 2933MHz. If I get any higher, the two USBs driven by the CPU keep disconnecting randomly, which is very annoying. Tried to adjust the SoC voltage, used Ryzen Memory Calculator, used Memory Try It!, entered manual timings, same issue with the USBs (except at 2933).

Later, I have tried to replace the Trident Z RGB kit with a brand new DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB from Corsair (C16, 1.35V, 3666MHz, 4x8GB); tried everything again, but even if I have got full stability in Memtest by using Ryzen Memory Calculator, the two USBs also keep disconnecting randomly, which is very, very annoying. On some other forums, people are experiencing USB disconnects even on the 1st generation Ryzen and they link it to memory instability.

Anyone else has had issues with the USB ports disconnecting? These are the two ones above the WiFi ports.

I hope you realize occupying all 4 dimm slots is a sure way to limit your memory throughput. It would have been better to get two 16GB dimms rather than four 8gb dimms. You defeated your self by the memory configuration you chose. I would say it is a self-inflicted wound. If you had bothered to read the multitude of data on memory compatibility on Zen + or Ryzen 2 motherboards you would have never bought the 4 dimms to get 32 MB.

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