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Quote: Originally Posted by tubers View Post
Not sure how it really goes but it sounds like another layer of typical company business buying elsewhere for cheap then reselling coupled with another you snooze you lose phenomenon. Kinda seems like scalping though. No idea if that's illegal.

I've seen a lot of youtube vids about it. Walmart clearance hunters.

Great local brickstore deals are gonna be harder to find as the time goes by thanks to more and more people learning about this arbitrage thing.
I think in it's simpler form of finding deals and then flipping for a profit it's not too bad and a good way to learn the ropes of selling online before moving to something more scalable. I personally think it gets kind of scummy once you start going out and buying up as many must have items as you can at release and then selling them for absurd prices once the stock runs out.

I wouldn't be too worried about that. Most people won't act on it so it's not a huge deal.

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