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Quote: Originally Posted by spurdy View Post
Definitely worth it since you'll have a working backup again, and not at all difficult.

Firstly, I'd strongly suggest you switch the system to single-bios mode if you've not already. It seems to solve all the strange "suddenly my system won't boot" and corrupt BIOS issues; keeping the buggy DualBIOS feature from breaking things when trying to do fancy automatic fail-over and re-flash stuff, by my guess.

From then on you just manually set the active BIOS using the BIOS selection switch. Boot up with your working BIOS, enter Q-Flash, then flip the BIOS selection switch right before executing the flash. I've successfully re-flashed my main and backup multiple times, as well as just using the selection switch to easily move between two versions for testing/comparison. I've also had zero issues with any "soft brick" or boot problems since moving to single-bios mode, when I did experience some before.
I'm giving you both a rep. I set it to single mode and I'm using the b-BIOS as my main. I tested the m-BIOS after reinstalling a fresh image on it and it's working again. I'll keep in single mode from now on. Here's a pic of what it looks like. I really like EK's new blocks, but Gigabyte's RTX 2080 OC isn't quite a founders edition. The RGB header is in the wrong place and the power plugs are upside down. I had to take some pliers and remove the plastic around the RGB header and bend the pins outward so they don't make contact with the block. I also had to cut a notch out of the backplate to get the power plugs to fit.
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