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Quote: Originally Posted by ToTheSun! View Post
Would that be your rationale for buying a Titan? Perhaps that's why you're not buying one. Judging from owners and reviews threads, people buying expensive hardware do so because they can, more than because they need it for something specific. People with a strange need for "maxing out" games with budget constraints would probably not buy a 2080ti or more expensive in the first place. The concept of getting "shafted" is, mostly, made up by people who wish they had the disposable income to buy before thinking.
overclock.net is different from real world. Everyone I know in real life who buys expensive graphic cards is on the mindset of "I really want to max out and not be bothered by lowering my settings". I also see this mindset in a lot of other forums I am active where gaming is much more of a focus. (overclock.net is not really a board for gamers, it is much more about the hardware itself and focusing on doing builds and overclocking). Looking at what people in overclock.net owner clubs and review threads are doing with their cards is like going to a tuners meeting to see what people are doing with their cars. A tiny fractions tunes their car but the huge majority just wants to get from A to B.

You are also taking it personal and sound triggered resorting to attacks on people lacking funds for overly expensive hardware and this is your choice in life of how to see and approach things reacting to it, but I actually meant it more from a game developer and hardware manufacturer side. Those games have to run well on 1.3 TFLOPs consoles but still look good enough so we can "guess" what the common denominator between it all is. I don't like it. Makes you wonder what games could look like if they actually were developed for a card like the RTX 2080, but this won't happen because the majority of gamers are on consoles or low-mid end graphic cards like a GTX 970, RX 570 etc.
(well maybe not necessarily the RTX 2080 because that card is a big yikes at 800$ with 8GB VRAM. it basically screams planned obsolescence and memory amount and speed is much more important than people think right now going forward especially with next gen consoles on the horizon probably having 16-20GB of shared memory, but obviously Nvidia knows that so people have a reason to upgrade sooner rather than later which Nvidia does welcome very much. This was just a much better option for Nvidia than going with more VRAM, because that would make the cards more expensive now and the people less likely to upgrade in the foreseeable future).
But like I said earlier it wasn't meant as a side blow to any high-end hardware owner so I hope nobody gets their ego hurt based on the purchase they made which was not my intent, but rather the industry and how they treat and look at the high end market.

I am just impressed by how good it looks on medium settings compared to ultra. If I look closely I can see a bit of a difference in the lighting and reflections, but it is like a 40% performance hit which is extreme and probably impossible to notice when actually playing the game.

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