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Quote: Originally Posted by toolmaker03 View Post
I have been using norprene now for 7 years on all my builds and I have not seen this issue.

I think that is about old my tubing is. Honestly I have noticed this before on a different CPU block prior but just assumed it was normal oxidation because it came clean.

Quote: Originally Posted by broodro0ster View Post
Yea, silver coil isn't very good anymore and speeds up corrosion. It's good for algea, but not for corrosion.
Everybody should stop using kills coils and use a fluid with biocide and corrorion inhibitor included. Something like Mayhems Biocide+ mixed with Inhibitor+ is perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by skupples View Post
kill coils are BAD. IDK why they're still being manufactured & sold.

I wish we could go back & clean up all the bad info in these easy to find first time watercooler guides that're a decade old at this point.

time to shill for mayhems.

no silver, just biocide+and inhibitor+ and you'll have the cleanest system you've ever experienced.

I haven't heard about this one yet. Anyone have some articles/studies about this?

My understanding is that silver is inert and is used as anti microbial. I have always been wary solutions that claim to solve all. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no chemist so I completely acknowledge that there is way more science than black magic. KISS has been my method of choice which is why I've been using silver and DI water with only copper in my loops.


Quote: Originally Posted by Ashcroft View Post
Looks to be just copper oxidation. It should clean up to look as new pretty easily, though the darkened copper does not impact the cooling.

I have had this happen to a different CPU block before and it was the same black layer. It did clean up from the other block so I wasn't too concerned this time. I've just used a bit of vinegar and a tooth brush to clean it.

If the layer of oxidation is normal and is only a cosmetic issue then I won't sweat the problem.

Here is a picture of the GPU block that was in the same loop. It's been in use for 4-5 years with the same tubing, Silver and DI water(not the same water) without ever being cleaned. I would just attribute different rates of corrosion to due to different grades of copper used in the block.
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