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I was always finding poor performance for memory on the board until I found the culprit settings which were at fault thus far. (beyond poor performance)

Settings to look for:
RedirectForReturnDis "1"
L2 TLB Associativity "1"
Enable IBS "disabled"

Chipselect Interleaving "disabled"
BankGroupSwap "enabled"
BankGroupSwapAlt "disabled"

You don't want IBS enabled, neither do you want BankGroupSwapAlt enabled, they cause significant performance drop on you memory.

Other settings not directly tied to memory are(security workarounds I think):
STIBP Status "disabled" (single thread instruction branch predictor?)
NX Mode "disabled" (non execute page function? doesn't do much but maybe affects FPS at times)

NEW: Biostar x480GT8 ~4.0Ghz CPU, 3200Mhz RAM.... not really better
OLD: Ryzen 7 1700 @ ~4.0Ghz, Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3, F25 BIOS Agesa
4x8Gb Kingston HX434C19FB2K2/16 3466C19 1.2V @ 3733Mhz 16.(17). 568 1T 1.490V (Micron E-die 16nm)
Corsair LPX 2x8Gb 2666C16R @ 3200Mhz 14.(17). 1T1.470V (Micron B-die 25nm)

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