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It is time to tell you about the features that will appear in Ryzen 3000


Translation into simple language. We have:

1) New memory controller with partial error correction for nonECC memory
2) Desktop processor with two (2 CCD) chiplets on board, 32 threads maximum
3) New MBIST (Memory built-in self-test)
4) Core watchdog - is a fail/safe function used to reset a system in case the microprocessor gets lost due to address or data errors
5) XFR - at the moment I do not see anything special about it, the algorithm and limits have been updated. Scalar Controll come back with new processors.
6) Updated core control has a symmetric configuration of the active cores . In 2CCD configurations, each chiplet has its own RAM channel in order to minimize latency to memory access. 1 channel on 8 cores will be a bottleneck if you use the system in the default state.

UPD: point number 6 is questionable, perhaps there will be a special long-range interface for connecting a chiplet with IO

This is not all information which I will gladden you in the near future

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