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Quote: Originally Posted by Nighthog View Post
Have you tried to go higher on your sub-timings?

For example:
12 tWR
tRDRDSCL/tWRWRSCL 4/4 or 2/2 (I've found 3/3 5/5 are harder to deal with than the even numbers)
10/12 tRTP
tRFC higher? each kit have a limit on how low (ns) they can go. You have 180ns for now stable? When you go higher speeds try to keep it there by adjusting your tRFC to make it so or just pick a random much higher value there to see if it's the issue.
then the tWRWRSD/tWRWRDD 7/7, tRDRDSD/tRDRDDD 5/5 (this is usually safe settings for 99% of the time, adjust these lower when you have something stable for the speed you want as a last adjustment basically) there is not much performance gains here but they have much to do with stability at times when on the edges of your system can do.

EDIT: I noticed you had "GearDownMode" set to disabled... I think this is main culprit if you can't gain higher speeds. (has a high tax on stability as it performs much better with 1T timings than anything else)
You can try to set it enabled to see if you can gain speed but your latency and performance will drop considerably compared to disabled with same settings. It's just to see if you can get so much more speed from your kit otherwise to compensate. (it's a trade-off deal and A/B testing thing to see which gets you more)
Yes i tried to set 7-7-5-5 instead of 6-6-4-4, but...no positive results. I tried also with geardown enbaled Just to see, but It didin't help, and obviously the performance was worse. I tried also to set an higher Trfc with 0 good results. I can try to set the SCL Valute to 4
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