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I sideloaded the steam link app on my fire stick for the bedroom tv, and I have to say it’s just not there yet. I have Google Wifi, my system is hardwired, and the fire stick is connected with 5ghz. Testing the connection it indicates it’s perfect with no packet loss or fluctuations in the steam link app. However, the input lag is just far too noticeable to make most games playable. FPS IMO are off the table, just too much of a delay. I tried DMC5 and it was totally doable, but going back to natively playing it was much much better.

Now it’s available to stream over the internet? Super cool, I really love free features, but it just doesn’t seem ready. Your local network really represents a best case scenario for the tech and even then it’s still lacking in a lot of ways. I LOVE the idea of streaming but I’m just not willing to take the degradation in quality.

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