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Random - COB LED cooler!

Modding a studio fresnel light with an LED!

I thought it might be fun and worth the time to see what would happen if I DIY-ed the crap out of one of these Chinese clones of the Arri 1k fresnel studio lights. I am attaching some measurements of the space we have to work with.

Pls help me figure out:
a. What is the best CPU heatsink with an ultra low profile? (95x95 should fit)
b. What is the maximum TDP it will handle QUIETLY?

Some thoughts:
_ I am already planning on capping the max volts that can be fed to the LED to match the TDP we can handle.
_ The LED chip needs a lens and mount that eats up about 31mm in depth.
_ There is an additional 80mm of space behind the reflector, SOME of which should might be usable.
_ Silent operation is critical, so I am planning on using a low profile fan, adding a thin shroud to make it a little tiny bit quieter and running it at a low rpm.

What a fresnel light looks like:

What you can buy off-Ebay:
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