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Quote: Originally Posted by ezveedub View Post
Run the pump at higher speed and see if the temps come down more. If so, then you need to increase it.

Also, two 120 rads is a bit under for a 9700K and 2080ti. Single 360 or add a 240 for a 120 IMO

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Yeah thats what Im scared of with the rads but with this case 2 120 rads the max. will try to run the pump faster but I noticed if the pump is too fast there will be alot of bubbles in the tubings. is this fine? or should I avoid this?

Quote: Originally Posted by skupples View Post
do you have a flow sensor?

if not, start on the lowest setting, benchmark, note temps
repeat on consecutive settings until you see no gain from increased flow.

It tapers off pretty quickly, but I don't remember the target folks say to go for.

I'm only getting 120LPH outta 2x DDC running full tilt =\\

the min is like .5 GPM *(what I get with a 4 radiators, 3 blocks, and two PWM DDC)
Unfortunately I dont have a flow sensor. So 1GPM is what i should go for? any idea how do i calculate if i dont have a flow sensor? Thanks

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