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I have always been curious for people taking a step into the world of higher quality audio, so hopefully you won't mind me being nosy with my questions

- How detailed or accurate is the 3D imaging provided by the new setup compared to what you were previously using?
— Are you able to to tell where a sound is coming from better, like if it is from the left / right, front / back, or diagonally?
— Are you better able gauge the distance of sounds, like that gunshot was about 10ft away or those footsteps were behind me to the left from roughly 5ft away?

- Some specific questions about the Prime Wireless themselves…
— you mentioned that the treble, midrange, and bass are all handled very well, are there any particular parts that are more emphasized than others or is it a pretty balanced sound signature?
— While the subwoofer no doubt vastly enhances the lower end listening experience, can the pair of speakers hold their own without a sub or do you feel like you have to have some sort of sub?
— Since there is an active speaker with a high quality amp, do you notice any excess heat coming from the speakers themselves?
— How forgiving are they for music sources that are not recorded in or provided as high quality?
— In your opinion, is it worth it for gamers to go from their typical cheap-o Logitech, Razer, Corsair, or Klipsch Pro Media setups to this $1K setup?

Thanks again for your patience in addressing my curiosity!

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