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Exclusive... I don't see an issue with that, but what I don't like is the need to install Steam, Origin, Battle.net, don't know what the Epic store is called to even be able to play a game because games nowadays are not released as a standalone copy but as "service" that goes up and down to the whim of the online store application, one has to be online, can't play offline, can't simply download and install but has to install a store that then downloads and updates the game instead of the game doing it itself. All to promote their other products and show them to you in their store to buy. No one likes this sort of bloatware and forced advertising, being limited by the application to be always online and hope the service doesn't have too much downtime. Even Steam as large as it is often goes offline and many games that are tied to it become unplayable.

Compare this to pirated stuff... 1 download file, simple install with no crappy store to deal with, always playable as it doesn't depend on the whim of online services. There is a lot corporations can learn from how to do it right by looking at what pirated software offers and why it's still so attractive to people, it's not all about not paying, there is a lot of convenience, ease of use.

All these storefronts (Steam etc.) try be like a pirated software search site, offer you stuff to download but when this service goes down so do all your games LOL and it's not a web store it's a standalone application that loves to auto launch and bloat your system. This certainly isn't the case with website search that most use to find pirated software.

Sadly long gone are the days when developers would release a game themselves and not be tied to some kind of required standalone application store that handles distribution for them for close to no cost compared to the old making of DVD/BD.

Exclusives... do away with the stupid store apps and almost no one will care that the game is tied to some "publisher/store".
Even worse is that they change the store where people can buy a game last minute and make it exclusive to a store almost no one cares about. There literally are 2nd hand requests to buy a Steam Metro Exodus because of it, it wasn't removed and some people have a copy on Steam instead of Epic, what an epic mess.

The corporate online software store wars are affecting customers, so no wonder customers are pissed off.

Personally I don't care if it's on one store or another, at best it should be on none and be on developer's site as a 1 file download of the application and the application itself would handle it's updating as many applications do that aren't games tied to a store app.
Why do we need 100 online stores for games? We don't. The middleman that resell games do, be it Steam, Origin or some other corp.

Some people will argue oh no I need my friends list overlay in game, I need FPS counter overlay from Steam, Origin, ... yeah as if those overlays even worked right, it's hack and always will be, making applications unstable when other application is hooking, overwriting and injecting stuff into it. First thing when troubleshooting issues with games, always is: turn off all overlays from stores, 3rd party FPS counters, video recorders, anything that hooks, changes, injects stuff into the game in any way. Some games don't even work with their own stores overlay at all.

If they made Metro exclusive to Epic from the start or at least not change it last minute causing the game to be on 2 stores... yeah exclusive now has a new meaning? Customers wouldn't be flipping out.
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