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I vote for ignoring the cpu stuff for the moment, other than setting it to 4ghz with NO TURBO. and no power saving stuff on. the swapping back and forth from super low clocks to regular clocks DOES cause stability issues on some motherboards.

You are perfectly describing VRM overheat protection.

MSI was well known for using sensitive crap power delivery on the AM3/3+ motherboards. Powerful on paper, crappy in real world use. The 990 chipset baords are better though.


then you can really have some fun!

I checked out that recommended fan off ebay, holy cow, I need a pair of those in 120/140mm size if someone knows the model number. I dont care about ahving a computer that is hvoering 3 inches off the desk lol.

I also recommend once again, setting everything to default, and simply recording WHAT it is doing at stock. voltages and temperatures. 9 times out of 10, stock voltages are HIGHER than needed. This means you can slowly increase form there, and NOT use adaptive or offset voltages. Remember, offset voltages do change under load more than SET voltages.

If it comes down to it, you can find a single tower style air cooler like coolermaster hyper 212 for 15-30 bucks shipped, and enjoy MUCH more cooling ability. I think Tuniq also makes a nice tower cooler.

My FX9590 220watt cpu was able to be cooled at stock 4.7ghz clocks with a hyper 212 for a fun experiment. It did not like it, but it was stable, could game for hours, and BARELY survived (over 70*C) a prime95 test (DO NO RECOMMEND unless your winter-effected computer room has no heater!!)
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