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As far as overclocking goes, I'm not going to turn off any of the power saving options as they only hinder my computer from overclocking and make it much hotter than it needs to be. Staying at 4.4ghz until I can find a way to cool the computer. Bumping up the voltage only concluded I need double the volts for 100mhz added.

As far as cooling is concerned, I had an idea. I was trying to get my CPU off of my heatsink some time ago. I was using a blow dryer on it to try to get off the thermal paste. It was stock paste and I never knew what I did at the time before building the computer, so it was some years before I changed it, so it was stuck to the heatsink. So with the blow dryer, I could put my hand nearly directly onto the air coming out. It was bearable. The heatsink however, got so hot, I think if I had touched it for more than 1 second, it would have burned me.

Unfortunately, I don't think there are any heatsinks that are entirely ventilated (as in no plate on the other side). So I was thinking, if I put copper coiling behind my fans, wouldn't it cool down the air coming into the computer? If a blow dryer can make the copper heat up way beyond what the dryer itself can output, couldn't an intake do the same to cool it down? People obviously use water and ice on a makeshift A/C machine, but I think without it, the properties might be enough. Perhaps adding stagnant water into the coil and just closing it off?

EDIT: The closest thing I could find to any sort of data behind this is a guy who tested the temps with the coil and coil with water. I can only imagine he was in a room that was at 30c or so, hoping that's the case. With just hte coil, it was blowing out 21c temps. If it were able to knock off that much heat (don't really know just guessing) then it would definitely make the inside of a computer cooler too.

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