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Quote: Originally Posted by ToTheSun! View Post
I don't see it as a problem. I'm just here for the debate.

The market will eventually decide if it's a good investment or not. And that will rest completely on how good the games are or how bad people want to play them.

I'll sit this one out, so count 1 for team "Epic can suck it".
im with you on this, i have games on steam/origin/ubisuck but i havnt messed with origin in forever, havnt even done an install on this rig. they ruined BF for me, and anthem has be somewhat harshly received. but i do have them on my boycott list until i get UFC on PC. which may never happen.

everything i have on ubisuck launches from steam so it makes almost zero sense to me, and just agitates me that i dont get any steam achievments from some of their titles(AC1, who cares about the desmond's story, its an aspect that couldve never made it in the series and i doubt it wouldve made a difference. just let me climb and assassinate).

as per epic idk if they have anything im really missing out on(maybe unreal tournament)... but ill also cast a vote for "i hope epic store crashes and burns."

i do like steam, but get over the idea that its perfect. its not, simple as that. the video player for store pages is awful, and it always has been whether PC or Mobile, absolute garbage. and most of us already know about the loose leash they keep on developers with "early access" titles. or pages that get put up and end up in recommendations that have been abandoned(dead island 2, hellaid)

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