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Quote: Originally Posted by azanimefan View Post
Loath as I am to jump into this fight, in my experience people with disposable income (like me) have disposable income because they don't waste their $$ on useless overpriced crap.

I had some THG writer jump down my throat a few months ago when I reamed him for giving a 2080ti a 4.5/5 and THG approved rating because the extreme price point the GPU was selling at. He tried to "high and mightily" pity the poor pauper who couldn't afford a 2080ti, and I had to set him straight too at that time. Just because I think a price is outrageous, doesn't mean I can't afford it. Granted I owe uncle sam $800 in 30 days, so I'm really not in the spending mood, but even with that small hole about to pop into my wallet, I could still easily buy a 2080ti and not have to tighten my belt.

It's still a stupid purchase at a stupid price. $600, yes, I'd been considering purchasing one. $800 it better give me an old fashioned, and come with lots of LEDs to justify that price. 1200 for a video card? you're out of your f-ing mind.
Well, there are 2 points to consider.

Firstly, having the money to buy it doesn't necessarily mean you'd prioritize it over other things, which is what you did. I could buy more things if I relinquished some of my responsibilities, but that's irrelevant. You decided to either save the money or spend it elsewhere. In that sense, you don't have literal disposable income.

The second one is that you wouldn't consider yourself "shafted" (the word is getting old...), had you purchased it. You'd have known what you were buying the moment you paid, as you're a free-thinking, responsible consumer.

In retrospect, even though I didn't mention it, I understand what zealord tried to convey. He does have a point. Modern games have been closing the gap, graphically, between the lowest and highest settings, but the performance delta is not as small most of the time. In that sense, it's getting harder and harder to justify increasingly more expensive cards to run modern games with increasingly undifferentiated image quality between both ends of the spectrum.

However, that doesn't invalidate my point, which is observable in the many threads pre and post release of the RTX cards: people complaining about the price and applying the "shafted" concept never bought them and never planned on doing so, and the jubilant users were either pre-ordering them and then using them or simply admiring the technological leap cynically.

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