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Quote: Originally Posted by Falkentyne View Post
Ok, in F8b (the last bios where I verified this) and "maybe" sometimes in f8e(??), after a hard AC power off--when all AC power is completely disconnected (not talking about pressing the case button to shut off the computer), when you press the case button, the board will power on briefly, no POST codes or anything, then just power off and then power on again and post normally. It was only like 2 seconds. I also have NO idea if its related to the "Power loading" setting in the bios or not. It does NOT do this when plugging in the AC cable or anything so I can live with this.

In F8G, it would never do this. Instead, as soon as you flick the power supply switch on, or if the switch is already on but the AC plug is unplugged, plugging in the AC cable, the board will instantly "turn on" like it's warming up (no post codes, so its like the one above) and then turn off, and then wait for you to press the case button. This I cant live with.

I do not know if that happened in F8H or F8, couldn't be bothered to see. Maybe I'll try again after my delid kit arrives in a few days and I mess around some more.

Well I just tested my system with the F8 bios and powered it down cold and waited for complete discharge and powered on again with out issue or warm up behavior you described.

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