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So, just got word back from Caseking in Germany and my ZE is on the way back "Repaired"? Yep, scared the **** outta me also. So I give them a ring and they said that evidently there were some bent or dirty pins on the socket keeping DIMM slot C1 from posting. Suppossedly they, (ASUS), checked it out and everthing is ok now... We will soon see. I really do like the ZEA, but I want to utilize both MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z's which not only don't really fit together on the ZEA, but also don't work for **** with the current initial 0207 BIOS at all, (mucho stuttering in 3D programs and games). I will report back when I get it back in. Another thing I will miss about the ZEA is the EXT FAN card and 10G Network card onboard. The EXT FAN card is so much nicer than the ZE, and the PCIE 10G add in card won't fit with the 2 Lightnings, but the NVLink is more important to me than the other two atm. I will keep the ZEA just in case because it is a great board in everything but the 3-Slot SLI/NVLink cards.

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