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Quote: Originally Posted by Abaidor View Post
Not only that, he also has 2X GPUs and some Quick Disconnect (added restriction) on his loop....

I guess the following could be restricting your performance..

Fans? What fans are you using?
Radiators not getting enough fresh air...
What is your CPU block?

I might be wrong though.
Oh, I've been going over this for a LONG time I am using 3 ML120 fans on each radiator, an EK Supremacy, and a D5 pump-res combo. Thrash said to add a second pump, which I am probably going to do. There are quite a few 90 degree fittings in the loop which restrict flow quite a bit. Plus, the one EK XE360 is reported to be pretty restrictive as far as rads go. The other 2 are PE360s and they are fine as far as restriction goes. I just ran a test where I did a few CB runs with the pump at 100%. Temps just touched 70C. Then I ran a few more CB tests with the pump at 70% and temps rose 5-6C which leads me to believe that the pump NEEDS to run at 100% in order for the loop to cool the CPU down. I am guessing ( big word when talking about X299) if I add another pump, flow would increase by quite a bit. With the voltage I am using (1.223), 3 360mm radiators and direct die cooling should keep the chip in the low 60s under load not in the 70s. But who knows...I could be wrong just like I have been in the past.

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