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Quote: Originally Posted by Pedros View Post
So ... the day as come where i'm so fed up with the fans i have. Currently, i have Coolermaster Masterfan Air Flow and Air Pressure fans and they are so noisy ... either from the actual noise of the bearing and from the structure of the fan itself, since the fan oscillation makes it sometimes contact the case chassis and ... it's just meh!

So, upgrading all this stuff ... it's going to be painful ...

4 x 140mm Airflow fans ( bottom and top of the case for intake/exhaust )
4 x 140mm Air Pressure fans ( front of the case, push/pull for x62 )
2 x 120mm Air Pressure fans ( rear of the case, push/pull for Seahawk X )

I was looking for the existing fans in the market ... without RGB ... I was thinking about the Noctua's Industrial or the Silent Wings 3, but i'm more into the SW3 for the price difference.

Any pieces of advice here? Other fans that are worth considering?
You should be more into the SW3 due to the performance difference. The Noctua iPPC don't stack up as the charts @BroadPwns pointed out show. And, as noted by @ThePook , push/pull on a CLC is pretty much a waste of time that does nothing but add noise.

And you need to not think in terms of "airflow" and "air pressure" fans. What you need to look at is the PQ relative to the application. Since your case is going to have some restriction (in most cases equal to a rad), the things marketed as "airflow" fans usually can't overcome it to move a proper amount of air.

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