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Quote: Originally Posted by RichKnecht View Post
That's what I am seeing now. I have ~80mv drop under load, drops from 1.96 to 1.88 and everything is just fine. Funny thing is the Strix board would blue screen with drops like that. I guess the Omega has a better, or more consistent power delivery system. I'm impressed that you can get 5GHz out of the chip with those temps. I can't even get to 4.8 without throwing over 1.3V at it and even then, performance gains are very minimal. So, for this chip, 4.7 will have to do. The good thing is, the Iceman frame is still working great and temps don't go above 70C under normal day to day use. I just ran Real Bench for an hour and max temp was 78C. Without the frame, my max temps were ~86C. BTW, what are you using to cool it?
re-sit your die-guard again. With 1.25V Vcore after 8 hours RB 2.43 (non AVX version), only 1 core pass 73.

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