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Quote: Originally Posted by Falkentyne View Post
What is the benefit of these two settings?
What happens if you have them at default (1.02 and 1.25?)
Like what exactly happens? Can you verify the difference?
After a few tests, I cannot confirm these values (1.16 and 1.31) improve the stability of my configuration compared to the AUTO ones. Same stability with AUTO values for "VCC PLL" (1.02)and "VCC PLL_OC" (1.25)

These were the values from EasyTune for 5.2 OC (I'm at 5.0/AVX 3 & uncore 43) so maybe I'm not at the "OC limit" where these values may have an effect on system stability.

I wonder why Gigabytes put these 2 values, there should be a reason...
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