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Quote: Originally Posted by jmoney05txst View Post
Thanks for the responses.

It is a typo on the card, I plan on going with the 2080. I figured SLI would not be worth the effort since I will only be using the center widescreen for gaming. However, I was under the belief I would still need two gpus for the 6 monitors since I will need 6 total displayport connections. If not using SLI, would there any problem using a cheaper graphics card for the second card? In the past I used a different card in the second slot, but it was for physx only so it wasn't an issue.

Thank you for the input on ram speed, I will adjust accordingly. I still need 32 gb of ram as the trading software is very ram intensive.
If you need 32gb that's fine, you'd be surprised how many people think you need that for gaming.
You might check out your board's QVL and pick kit from that to make 100% sure that XMP will work but that's usually not a problem with 3200mhz-3400mhz ram.
Yeah you can use a much smaller GPU for output.

Quote: Originally Posted by SpeedyVT
If you're not doing extreme things to parts for the sake of extreme things regardless of the part you're not a real overclocker.
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The key is generally not which brands are good but which specific products are. Motherboards and GPUs are perfect examples of companies having everything from golden to garbage function/quality.
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