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Quote: Originally Posted by jlp0209 View Post
Rufus did the trick, a handy little utility. Thank you very much. Updated just fine and redid all of my settings rather than just load F7 profile. Running my Prime95 29.5 torture test now, so far so good after 15 mins at my same settings as F7.

I just saw that you ordered a delid kit, you are a brave soul re: delidding a 9900K. I'm sitting this gen out as I'm fine with my CPU OC and voltage. And don't want to break anything when removing the solder. Interested to see your temp differences after you test.

Edit- I got a WHEA error after 20 mins of Prime. Crap. I'm not looking forward to tinkering again / adding voltage after work. My F7 OC was rock solid.
Go back to F7 right now and test the same settings and tell me if you get a WHEA error. The faster you go back the faster you'll find out.
Make sure all current, current protection and power limits are set to the same thing.
Oh wait you're at work right now?

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