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Quote: Originally Posted by kithylin View Post
The problem lies in that you're on windows 10 so the windows store is part of the OS for you. On the actual website for Cinebench R20, Maxon lists the test as compatible with Windows 7. Which it is compatible with Win7. Once we have the "Portable" version we can just open it and run it. But we Windows 7 users can not download it because we are unable to get to the Microsoft Store, because that's part of Windows 10. So we need alternative download sites.. but Maxon won't let anyone do that and is trying to force everyone to use Windows 10 and the Microsoft Store to download it. It's a big catch-22 and really flipping stupid of them to do this.
I believe i have the zip of Cinebench r20 it if you would like i could post it to google drive.
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