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Quote: Originally Posted by keikei View Post
So the entire marketing about needing rt/sensor cores was baloney? Nvidia just got caught with their pants down. I would be pissed if i bought an RTX card, but from what i hear isnt many.

Ehh as an RTX owner, I never really saw it coming to fruition anyway, not why I bought the card.

If anything Im glad, they will be giving some support to older cards, assuming the RT cores, will allow my 2080ti to RT better, and adding pascal will get more dev support.

That said, I didnt upgrade from 1080ti, but a 980ti. And, I have the new Swift, so bought the best card available. I could see people that upgraded strictly for RT being mad.

Quote: Originally Posted by ACleverName View Post
April....driver...ray tracing....April fools coming up o.0
LOL had the same feeling.

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You are just talking more and more nonsense now. It's time to take this back to whatever noob forum it came from.
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