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I have been testing AZE Alpha since some time now. I'm very disapointed:

- There is some serious memory issues on that i can confirm that. Board does not work with 3600 speeds at all. It basically does not boot. on my STRIX X399 same 4 DIMM (32 gig only) kit work flawless on STRIX X399. This must be mobo related issues. Some people reports it does not work even on 3200.

- VRM fans bugs are all over the place. VRM fans behaves inconsequentially. They seems to be bound to CPU fan speed or something. The go low at startup on Motherboard… then during windows boot they go max speed and then quiet down once AI Suite load back on in widows. Some people reports on forums better behaviour when connecting them to extensions fan headers.
When I turned them off in BIOS (by lowering the cuve) one time the PC did shutdown after the while… I have never notice temperature on VRM going above 45 degree though.

- CPU temperature readings are complete nonsense. On my watercooling i achieved 1 degree temperature on the CPU socket. (while there was 20C in room). That does not happen on STRIX. It looks like there is some difference how temperature is being interpreted.

- W_FLOW header is completely not calibrated. I was able to get 200l/m on my INS-FM14 Coolant Flow Meter which is gives perfect readings on other mobos.

- General issues with on boards headers for fans showing strange readings. Fans behave better when connecting to extension card.

- Hard shutdown when using AI Suite to calibrate VRM/CPU/PUMP values.

- Very long posts and memory calibrations (?!?). Sometimes even 2-3 startups. First time i see that on any motherboard.

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