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Quote: Originally Posted by anticommon View Post
Hello everyone, I have a stock 6700k with a GA-Z170X-ULTRA board running the latest BIOS 03/09/18. Scratching my head as to why this PC isn't even idling past the post screen, the PC goes into a hard reset every time unless I press one of the post options for boot/bios/system info etc. I'm thinking it's a memory issue (16GB DDR4 3200) but I'm not sure, before I got involved enough with the PC to install windows I had it sitting on my desk running to make sure the watercooling was fully bled and not leaking, yet now she is seemingly dead or dying. Thoughts? Suggestions? Have tried bios reset, different PSU, reseat RAM/CPU, trying separate ram sticks, unplugging all unnecessary devices etc. My next step is to try a bios reinstall or downgrade, but I would really rather not fully risk bricking the board.

If anyone has thoughts or suggestions for what to try short of buying a new mobo/cpu I would be so thankful.
I would try setting your memory to 2133 which would be stock speed. Just to make sure you have reset the bios to optimized defaults right? If your cpu is running stock maybe trying giving it some more voltage than stock.
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