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Quote: Originally Posted by Sriram_Thodla View Post
Let me try turning the front fan off

Btw I have one intake fan in front. One exhaust in back. 2 intake at the top.

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Yeah I saw from your pictures.

Regardless of your GPU temps, I don't think your top fans should be intakes.

Because those are fans on a radiator and between them and the card you also have the CPU section (with VRMs and stuff that also produces heat), you are pushing hot air down, against your backplate card, not letting the heat that comes from it go up (as naturally hot air goes up).

I believe your system would benefit much more if your top fans where pushing air out, not in.
As far as my research and personal testing goes, the only scenario when using radiator fans as intakes is good is when located in the front of the case.

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