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And nothing of value was lost.
Be it in terms of reviews that even i knew were lacking, be it in terms of a front page simply re-pasting other sites' "news", or of a forum that i frankly found very.. pan-American; very pan-American; that wonderful, simultaneous combination of innocence/ignorance and self-proclaimed wisdom (and the inevitable rage, true rage and lashing out, when shown for what it is [as is often the case with most innocent forms when 'exasperated', yes? And yet..]) that's so rare in most other cultures, but alas.. not in all; evident there in all its glory, though what for is for each to figure out.
But going back to 'a' technical website's purpose, as i can see this coming up too, perhaps we will one day realise that plurality alone does not guarantee much.

What i personally focus on is a corp giant's drawing more and more "influencers" in; and that's bad, potentially detrimental to the consumer.
You'll always find people willing to 'listen', nature of the beast so to speak. So the more you have shouting whatever it is you want them to shout.. Add to that their knowing whom to shout it to and how (they didn't hand pick them for their looks), and you get some very interesting potential right there. For Intel that is, not us.

* nothing new of course, merely the past repeating itself albeit in new forms, as we didn't have "social media" back then. They'd grab them from newspapers and magazines, use them for the exact same purposes; and most of the times, with the exact same outcomes, but hey, who pays attention to history anyway)
** to the kind-hearted poster above me, many ways to make money.. many ways. This superficial, dangerously "broad" justification of a "man's needing to eat" is something you might want to reconsider.. for your benefit, not mine.

Pride, honour and purity.
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