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Too bad

I agree with you here. I'm just not sure the sound byte, video first transition has been a good thing for the enthusiast community. To much "cult of personality" not enough substantive journalism.

Quote: Originally Posted by tpi2007 View Post
A good career move. Mothballing an original author site with a 20+ year legacy instead of handing it over to a faceless micro monetization conglomerate makes perfect sense. Then it makes further sense because just like Anand who left for Apple, Scott who left TR for AMD and Ryan who left PCPer for Intel, it just further shows that the traditional on-line tech press didn't successfully transition to the video first, written article second model, like Gamers Nexus does and thus a well paying career path for a senior member in an overcrowded space is only to be found by moving to higher grounds.

With Keller and Koduri over at Intel, it's certainly an exciting place to work at, with them entering the GPU market next year and with the inevitable CPU arch revamp that is due in the next few years. About the HardForum though, it will raise a few doubts to have an Intel employee being an admin though. Kyle always did what he wanted, but he will be a lot more scrutinized from now on, as there are other interests at play. It will be a privileged place to get first hand info about Intel though, so it has a good chance to survive without the anchor site active - and what better way to do his new job than keep his current community?

Which brings me to the last point, which is the importance of having an independent discussion forum; independent from publications and owner brands / major sponsors.

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