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new to WC need a little upcoming build advice on placements

Hi guys I'm going to be doing a new PC build soon and it will be my first build using water cooling (wanted to do this literally since the early 2000's when I first heard about it). I'm not quite sure what config to use for my intended case(s) and potential water cooling hardware. I'm looking at using either an Eisbaer or Eissturm kit from Alphacool either 240 or 280mm haven't decided yet (both are 45mm rads) and they are likely going in a coolermaster H500M. I'm not sure how to go about setting the fans up if I go with that case. I had planned to put the rad in front after some stuff I saw in a youtube video that compared open and blower style gpu cards with top vs front mounted and front mounted intake came out the best for CPU temps.

I had read the front 200's in that case move a lot of air but it seems like it would be a bad idea if I put the Alphacool stuff in the front and tried moving those 200's to the top. Would I maybe put the rad by itself in front behind the 200's and then just buy something else for the top or use the included fans from Alphacool?

Here's the specs on the 200's
Airflow (CFM) 90 ± 10%
Air Pressure (mmH2O) 0.88

The 140mm eiswind fans are actually only .75 pressure and something like 68 CFM so maybe that would work? The 120's are double the pressure.

My other thought was a Phanteks P600S but really all that does is get me a case where I don't really have the same confusion on what to do with the stock fans since it comes with 140's and I'd just move them to the top, put the Alphacool stuff in front, and be done.

Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can give to a WC noob.

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