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Quote: Originally Posted by jmoney05txst View Post
Typically stocks, very short time time frames. Not very high volume though most days. 10-15 executions would be a very high day for me.

Can you shed a bit more light on why you would go that direction?
I can give you a bunch of examples, but ultimately the issues is that I have had a number of situations where my gaming computer would lock up and prevent me from executing a trade.

The worst situation I had was where I was trading futures and I had not realized that my trades were all client side operations rather than server side. So my computer went sideways and took out my stop loss and by the time I had rebooted, I had lost over 2K.

I would say over half of my issues have just been with windows alone (The other half seems to be random issues with memory, and yes, I have tried changing the ram). No matter how I try to strip windows 10 down, it always tries to screw with me by throwing me some stupid message in the middle of a trade.

I either use linux on my server system to trade now, or I use my mac pro trash can to trade. If I absolutely have to use windows 10, I now use a cracked version of windows 10 ltsb on my mac pro.

Right now I am of the mindset where if you are using a computer to make money and uptime is important, it is much better to invest in a professional grade computer. 1 or two mishaps could end up costing the whole value of the computer anyways.
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