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Lol, most people have no idea nor do they understand the ramifications; most people use whateverpassword1985 or something to that affect across all websites. Most people have no idea that they have likely already been owned and their credentials exists in various password databases floating around .onion sites.

It has been common practice by any big companies like financial institutions to be storing passwords in hashed value going back to at least the early 2000's. The fact that Facebook of all the big and mighty companies didn't do that when they clearly have the expertise and resources to know and do better shows you they actually don't give two poops about any of their users. Remember Zuckerberg said his users are idiots, shows you how much he cares; it's also funny that he isn't wrong.

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At this point in time, I wonder what will it take for people to stop using Facebook? Zuckerberg going on a world tour knocking on people's doors and literally rubbing manure on people's faces? Maybe not, maybe people will think that it's another "cool" social media challenge and that they'll now have to rub manure on their neighbors.

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