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Quote: Originally Posted by NameUnknown View Post
Thank you for the reply on this. I had not really considered the idea of a single column containing an serialized object before. I will play around with that structure and see how it works out for me. It's been a while since I did any database work so this may be a rather long process.

As for VB.NET vs C#, the only reason I did VB.NET is I am more familiar with it so for quick mockups and examples it works really well. I am all for moving this to C# though given that it can be used for Android & iOS apps as well. Given this, what do you think about MS Universal apps & converting code from one platform to another in Visual Studio & Xamarin? Slight digression, but curious what your opinion is as well.
I suppose I don’t really have an opinion. All of my professional work are for business applications. While there are several businesses moving their apps to mobile platforms, ours can’t really go that direction.

For prototyping I can’t say enough about LinqPad. I do almost all of my prototypes there. I would absolutely check that out. Take their linqpad challenge. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly makes my life easier.

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