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finaly i fixed some problem on my waterccooling

you advise me here to not use aida for stress test then i follow your advise ^^ like occt 1hou and realbench 2.44 non avx for 1hour but some wrote i must run it for 8 hours and full memory (i have 32gb) some half memory

originaly i have Asus Maximus XI Extreme, my cpu delid direct die under custom watercooling : 9900k @5.3ghz @1.320v with cpu cache at x49. VCCIO 1.2500 VSA 1.2500. i am on LLC 7 (the asus need to be at 7 not 6 or 5). i disable the c-states etc...

- 8h stress test under OCCT = ok stable

but i dont understand wat happen, when i do stress test under realbench 2.44 non avx.... i put the vcore at finaly 1.325v and i make an stress test for 2h = is ok stable another time i think it was almost 4h before i get an blue screen.... another test (always after an full reboot) 2min and i have an blue screen...i increase at 1.330v is the same... under realbnench i go to 89°c on few core

+ something to do with the "CPU PLL" who is by default at auto ? must to fix it at the default valu 1.050v ?..

+ i am not using the right stress test sofware or setting ? or time of stres test who 1 hour is enough ?


- i put an low speed and timing of the memory to not get problem on the test

- my graphic card is not on the custom watercooling

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