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The Final Unboxing – G.Skill Trident Z Royal Silver Ram

I can’t believe that I’m actually upgrading something before I even finish this build… but I just could not help myself! Yes the “Bling Factor” was too much for me to resist

I already had a Trident Z RGB 32GB kit rated at 3200 14-14-14-34. This new Trident Z Royal kit is also 32GB, but rated at 3600 16-16-16-36, so it’s a little faster but with looser timings, they probably perform similarly.

I think it was some time around last November when I first saw this Trident Z Royal announced, but it has only been available in dual channel two stick kits until now.

NewEgg showed to have these quad channel kits in stock a few weeks ago. I knew that one of my work buddies was doing a rebuild into a new case, and he has been wanting the exact same Trident Z RGB kit that I had, so I offered to sell it to him for a good deal.

The next day I brought him the ram, he gave me the cash, but the mistake I made was not buying the Trident Z Royal kit on the spot the day before, because when I logged in to purchase it… it was sold out

This was around the time I was finishing up all the tubing, which you may have noticed in the pictures that I had no ram installed for a while. In fact it took over two weeks before I could get my hands on this new kit!

That’s another reason why I flushed the system four times after the Blitz Part 2 was because I had no ram.

Let’s get to the unboxing. It does come in a super fancy box.

Once you remove the band around the outside of the box there’s a G.Skill logo underneath.

Opening the box there is a case badge, and a cleaning cloth.

The ram comes with the sticker side up. I would have thought it would have come with the stickers down.

I’m wearing powder free latex gloves so I don’t leave finger prints all over the outsides of the sticks. These Trident Z Royal sticks come with eight lighting zones each as compared with five lighting zones on the Trident Z RGB kits.

Here is a quote taken from G.Skill.com about the light bars:
Magnificent Royal Design
Trident Z Royal is the latest addition to the Trident Z flagship family, featuring a crown jewel design. Meticulously crafted to display just the right amount of light refraction, the crystalline light bar scatters the RGB colors in a magnificent display of LED lighting. Complementing the patented high-class light bar design, polished aluminum heatspreaders of gold or silver colors cools the memory modules in the award-winning classic Trident Z tri-fin design. And to help maintain the pristine shine of the heatspreaders, each Trident Z Royal memory kit comes with a piece of microfiber cloth to let you wipe away fingerprints and dust.

Let’s take these outside to get some shots in the direct sunlight. This is how they should look when the box is opened with the stickers side facing down.

Taking the ram out of the box here, you can see the reflection of my fence.

Now there is a clear blue sky reflection off of the ram.

This ram is absolutely stunning!

As I installed the ram, when I get to the last stick I see where it looks like something was spilled or splattered on this one. It would not clean off either. This is a full point deduction if I was doing a formal review on these. After all if you are buying this ram you are buying it at least partially because of how magnificent it looks!

This was going to go in the far left slot which would have showed this spotting, so I moved it inside one slot where you really can’t see it, and I’m certainly not going to try to RMA my kit for that.

I installed the ram, and rolled the rig outside for a few more shots.

Look at all the “Ray Tracing” type of reflections off of the chrome plated video card backplates, and the new Trident Z Royal ram

This Trident Z Royal ram just fits the build theme perfectly! I love how it looks, and even though I’ve always been one to be happy if I can just get the ram to run at it’s rated XMP profile speeds, I’m going to see if I can overclock these sticks a little further.

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