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If that micron kit runs 1333mhz at 1.35v, Im pretty sure it will run 1600mhz at 1.5v no problem.

With 4 sticks of ram, the tRFC timing may need increasing to run 1600mhz overall. 300ns is an easily safe setting, but will reduce performance.

You will need to dial things in a bit.

overall, 1333mhz to 1600mhz, regardless of general timings, will not show a big improvement.

I personally would remove the 2400mhz kit, so you can focus on overclocking the 1333 kit, then once you find what it can really do (use ram voltage upwards of 1.7), you can throw the 2400 kit back in and have some fun.

Heck, it is POSSIBLE that 1.35v 1333mhz kit can hit 2400 at 1.7 or 1.75v. you will not know until you try!

Be aware, ram overclocking is a long and frustrating process at times.
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