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Quote: Originally Posted by Cyber Locc View Post
Ya my wife likes it hot in the house, so I can only bench at reasonable temps at night, till couple months. If its cold outside she wants it 80, if its hot she wants it 60, Women man. Also this is on my bench, so way rad limited. I need more rad, and more Wattage .
The way these cards drop clocks at temperature steps, even below 50°C, means lower temps are almost always good simply for that reason. My best behavior was with all the doors and windows open in winter.

After the mod I get perfectly stable clocks and voltages within each temperature bin, as temperature goes up I see it drop clock/voltage down in clean steps.

Quote: Originally Posted by Cyber Locc View Post
What aggravates me, is the curve wont stick. So I can do 2200 at 1.093, when it sticks, and I can do 1185 at 1.081 I think it is, it doesnt matter, because the curve will only let me set custom clock for 1.
The way clocks, volts, and power limit throttling interact don't make sense when simply looking at monitoring software's reports. I think things are changing even faster than we can see so the reports don't tell us what is actually going on. Differences is aliasing and/or averaging methods will cause oddities.

If I lower the power limit a lot it doesn't matter what I overclock to, I always see dips. I can set the overclock to the lowest clock it reported dipping to and it will report dipping a bit lower.

My 8K Superposition max clock of 2115 MHz is also my min clock (6033):

But the score directly below mine has a max clock of 2145MHz (6022):

Quote: Originally Posted by Cyber Locc View Post
So when the voltage drops, it drops way more clocks then it needs. I guess I need to try setting a low clock only, and see what it does for the upper clocks. The card just doesn't want to let me manage it, and I cant stand that.
I think most of that really is the power limit, when it isn't temps. Watch the "Performance Limit - Power" in HWiNFO64 or Afterburner's "Power limit", do you see it triggering? I also miss the days of set and forget GPU clocks, until I remember cards that died fast due to thermals (today's cards would downclock) and the general quality of the hardware then. A new "I don't mind if you die" option to take total control would be great though.
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