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Quote: Originally Posted by Asmodian View Post
I think most of that really is the power limit, when it isn't temps. Watch the "Performance Limit - Power" in HWiNFO64 or Afterburner's "Power limit", do you see it triggering? I also miss the days of set and forget GPU clocks, until I remember cards that died fast due to thermals (today's cards would downclock) and the general quality of the hardware then. A new "I don't mind if you die" option to take total control would be great though.
Yes, thats my issue though.

The when it downlocks, it lowers the power limit first. Which makes zero sense, if its not hitting the current power limit, and temps are fine, why drop it? So what happens when it downclocks, is it drops the Power target from 130% to 115%-124%, and then the clocks drop. again for no reason.

In Heaven and Valley the PT stays at 130%.

Ill try that other bench later, I been out the game for awhile lol, Lots of new stuff .

The other thing I noticed, if I just up the power target to 130 and leave the clocks alone, the card clocks up to 2050 by itself, and it drops then into the high 1800s, low 1900s and back up. However with my overclock, it drops from 2190 to 2025 at lowest, so I dont think its a thermal limit, or a power limit, as that doesn't make any sense. If either was the cause, it would stop down clocking if its at lower clocks, and it doesn't stop. The card just down clocks, for seemingly no reason.

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You are just talking more and more nonsense now. It's time to take this back to whatever noob forum it came from.

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