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I was looking for daily use and to see what that setup was capable of.

I was zapped out by the time I listed the waterblock, I will def get something else. I really wouldn't want to replace the water pump over and over. "140 dollars full custom loop." Yeah but after looking at how easy it is to make your own oversized reservoir\radiator\fan setup.... The prices for tiny little radiator\res look like a joke.

Supposedly car ac radiators are usually copper.

If I do plan to tinker, I will get a reliable pump\water block. If it's not to hard on the pump Ill run it up to the attic to reduce noise\heat in my apt. Or closet. Regular pc Radiator\Fan\Res seem waaay over priced. They assume I care about having all my components inside my case. I can do better.

p.s. That liquid cooling system I brought premade in my first post failed in the first week and almost killed my rig (pump). I had to ship it back to get a replacement.

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