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Quote: Originally Posted by Asmodian View Post
I think hitting the power limit causes very very short declocks to very low speeds. When it triggers it goes to 300 MHz for xx microseconds, or something similar, so we see these randomly timed stops averaged into our normal max clocks. This causes the reported clock rate to fluctuate down but that does not tell us anything about the real min clock that would allow it to never throttle.

Also, Nvidia has done a pretty amazing job at keeping power down without hurting performance very much. Increasing the max clock keeps increasing performance, even when the card is already triggering the power limit. I like steady clocks but it looks like opening up the power a lot is usually worth less than a +50 MHz OC, unless you have an unusually power heavy load. On battery or heat constrained I think this throttling tech would actually be very good.

I am not sure about your auto-decreasing power limit, I never saw that with my FE 2080 Ti.
I think it has semblance to what you said, when my power limit hits 130% it drops it, it does not allow for the PL to ever stay at 130%, it says 130% for a split second and then its reduced to 100%, and then climbs back up, hits 130% again and then its forcefully lowered again.

I watched in HWmonitor, and my card never even gets the max wattage they claim it can. The wattage will climb to 338, the second it hits 338, it drops immediately down to 250, and then climbs back up.

I'm not too disappointed though, as apparently from watching some videos today, It took jay a AC cooled rad to get a 7722, and I got 7715 (https://www.3dmark.com/spy/6676616), with 68f ambient on a standard loop

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