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Quote: Originally Posted by smrdel View Post
Hello All

Been a while since I set up my 512GB Samsung Pro m.2 drive as a boot drive on my board and since i received assistance here its been working fine.

In the last 2 weeks i have had a problem which has me stumped so will post here and see if i can get any feedback.

Basically my 2 monitors lose signal - get black screens then the PC locks up. Need to do a hard shutdown. The PC boots up normally everything runs fine till same thing happens again.

When i am gaming and using Team Speak Software I get speaker distortion prior to the Monitors losing signal - going black then PC locks up. Sometimes i get the screens blacking out then turning on again - mainly just the once but also a few times


Hi there,
I was facing the same issue for some times here after updating bios and OS (win10 with the last cpu microcode).

After a lot of searching it seems like is an issue of some Asus board with nvidia driver and corsair link if used together.
After update my geforce driver and close corsair link definitely now it seems like everything is working fine.

Hope this can help.

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