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Hello everyone,
as someone in this 3d already did, I also try the Xeon E5-1680 v2 cpu as last chance to extend the life of my RIVBE (since I alredy have 64Gb of ram and a 950 nvme over pciex adaptor).

So, for me, thinking in the prospective of a five-years-old system and a six-generation-old cpu, the results are quite impressive.
I bought my cpu on ebay for around $300 (used, obviously), and I think it's still a bestbuy for this price.

Mine maybe is not one of the luckier, but it can do:
4.2ghz 1.15v vcore, 1.0v VTT, 1.0v VCCSA
4.3ghz 1.2v vcore, 1.0v VTT, 1.0v VCCSA
4.4ghz 1.27v vcore, 1.0v VTT, 1.05v VCCSA
4.5ghz 1.35v vcore, 1.0v VTT, 1.075v VCCSA

paired with 8x8gb @ 2186Mhz 9-10-10-31 CR2 @ 1.62v DDR3

I think it can reach also 4.6ghz but with a too high voltage for a daily use (with my corsair H110).
Moreover, with only 4 bank of ram populated (8x4), the IMC is even more performing and I can push the ram to 2200Mhz 9-9-9-27 CR1 1.62v that is a real nice result for a kit originally designed to work @ 1600 8-8-8-24 CR2 1.35v

I think that without the lack of AVX extensions, this Xeon will be head-to-head with all the new 8c/16t cpu at same frequency (maybe with a max 15-20% gap compared to the last 8th and 9th intel series).
So mission accomplished. I hope that this system could last for another 2-3 years before going for a 16c/32t or even something more.
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