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I have been reading all day about the R4BE (this forum) because I have trouble too. Nobody ever found out why these strange events are occurring on this motherboard. Anybody ever tried replacing the battery? You know, the 3 volt (CR2032) bios battery?
I have had 2 PC’s with weird/strange things happening and we all start replacing everything, including me, twice! Almost bought another R4BE from eBay...from CHINA! dont do that.
Replace your $1 battery first. Then dry out your Mobo and use colored coolant to see those drips easier.
The SATA cables is a great idea and they do go bad. The caps do go bad but usually after 10 years for the non-Japanese type.
I guess everyone gave up on the R4BE and upgraded, sorry I was too late.
I did replace the PSU because the 12v was not steady, still is not!
Bought coolant flush and took several days flushing the system plus weird fat on the inside cap of the reservoir and added Mayhem coolant. Replaced CPU with my spare (3 times), did the Sata cable, inspected the cpu socket pins (really hard), replaced my video card with a spare, and then the battery. Of course the last try is the fix after spending weeks and $$.

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